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Telemann’s wedding in Żary


Georg Philipp Telemann fell in love with Amalia Louise (Elizabeth) JulianeEberlin, a maid (courtier) of Princess von Sachsen-Weißenfels – wife of Count Erdmann II von Promnitz.


She arrived at the court of the Count in Żary together with the duchess in 1706. Ever since their first meeting, the couple had eyes for each other. However, frequent Count’s trips and Telemann’s travels made their contacts more difficult.

In 1708 Telemann left Żary for the new employer – Prince von Sachsen-Eisenach. Nevertheless, he was allowed to return to Żary for his wedding. The church wedding of the couple took place in the castle chapel in Żary on 13 October 1709. Following the wedding, the couple went to Eisenach.


An altar in the church in Kunice, now a district of Żary. G.P. Telemann got married before this altar on 13/10/1709.

The Promnitz Palace did not exist at that time in Żary yet. In the area where it was to be built, the so-called outer castle surrounded by a defensive wall, a separate building of an old castle chapel was located. This building was demolished prior to the construction of the palace, and the altar of the chapel was sold to the municipality in Kunice. The altar from the old chapel was performed in Mannerist style and did not fit into the new chapel, already incorporated into the Baroque palace. The old chapel, built according to the plans of Michael Hirschfelder, was consecrated in 1593. The new chapel in the palace was re-consecrated in 1711. The remnants of the walls of the old chapel were probably also used in the construction of the new one in the building of the Promnitz palace.


At present, the altar and pulpit of the old chapel have undergone extensive renovation and are located in the church in Kunice – a district of Żary. Only few know that he witnessed the wedding of the great composer George Philip Telemann, who lived and worked in Żary in 1704-1708.

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